Massport Brings VIATechnik and Tocci On Board to Help Guide its VDC Program into the Future

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Massport is teaming up with BIM and VDC leaders to develop highly efficient, sustainable, and value-driven construction processes.

Massport isn’t just known for keeping Massachusetts (and the greater New England area) connected to the rest of the world — it’s also established itself as a torch bearer when it comes to adopting new technologies that boost the productivity, efficiency, and sustainability of its construction projects.

In early 2016, Massport announced it would be utilizing building information modeling (BIM) in all new construction, large-scale renovation, and other major maintenance and improvement projects. Along with the announcement, it released extensive guidelines outlining a comprehensive plan for BIM implementation, including Guidelines for Vertical and Horizontal Construction, an overview of MPA BIM Uses, and a BIM Roadmap.

bim roadmap

While the guidelines were definitely a big step in the right direction, Massport recognized that in order to realize the full potential of its BIM initiative, it needed additional support and guidance to ensure the protocols were designed, implemented, and executed correctly.

Massport put out the call for highly qualified, multi-discipline VDC consulting firms with “proven experience in providing BIM implementation and support services on an on-call, as-needed basis,” to assist with the implementation of the new program. Its decision would be made based on a variety of considerations, including:

1. Level experience and knowledge of the team
2. Proven experience in developing VDC implementation strategies for owners
3. Demonstrated ability to develop and deliver VDC and BIM-related training
4. Experience with 3D laser scanning and the ability to transform 3D point-clouds into Revit (latest version)
5. Expertise in developing GIS strategies and their integration with BIM

After reviewing a long list of candidates, Massport ultimately settled on three firms: HDR, WSP, and VIATechnik.

The decision to work with us ultimately boiled down to our focus on innovation. Massport was impressed by our outside-the-box, forward-thinking BIM and VDC solutions, not to mention our reputation as an undisputed leader in AEC virtual reality applications. Our ability to deliver real results, as demonstrated by some of our recent large-scale, landmark projects like the Tesla Gigafactory, Apple Park, and Hudson Yards, played a big role in the decision as well.

For the Massport project, we’ll be partnering with Tocci Building Corporation, which has been a leading force in construction and design for nearly 100 years. Massport’s decision to work with Tocci is a testament to the firm’s longstanding influence in BIM (John Tocci Sr. was a founding member of BIMForum), and in recognition of its construction management work on the Union Point project, which, at 1,400-acres, is one of the largest developments currently underway in the country.

Our role will involve developing VDC content, including 4D models and HighRes renderings; creating a VDC and BIM software training program; assisting with take-off estimates from CAD drawings and/or BIM Models; working to enhance Massport’s 3D Laser Scanning capabilities; and more.

We’re looking forward to working closely with Tocci to develop and implement practical VDC solutions that improve Massport’s information flow, communication, analysis, problem solving, safety, and productivity in all of its forthcoming construction projects.

Massport has always been a visionary leader with an eye towards the future — we at VIATechnik are proud to have an opportunity to contribute to and, ultimately, help that vision become fully realized.

(Source: Michael Kappel/Flickr)

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