Elevating Educational Environments

VIATechnik has a robust presence in the education sector, offering tailored solutions that help our clients enhance learning environments. Our expertise spans educational facility design, construction, and modernization, fostering innovative and engaging spaces that promote student success and institutional growth.


Assisting with a new nine-story hospital tower, we streamlined our client’s design updating process by linking the design and construction models together, enhancing coordination, and providing Scripps Health with information for future facility management.

BIM Strategy

BIM Standards

BIM for Facilities Management

Contemporary concrete interior with columns and beautiful city view. 3D Rendering
Black and white study of patterns and lines

Santa Fe Christian – Quad Building

Our client was new to BIM and VDC, so we took full coordination of the BIM Management for this project, including input from MEPFP contractors. We fully coordinated the digital build, generated 32 RFIs, and resolved 1000 clashes across all trades.


K-12 Facility

Our client was seeking a modern kindergarten space with innovative partitions, storage spaces, and layouts. By simulating the space, stakeholders were able to virtually “see” the design as it would exist, allowing full design optimization before construction.

Virtual & Augmented Reality


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