Enhancing Retail Spaces

VIATechnik brings a wealth of experience to the retail industry, focusing on retail space design and construction. We understand the importance of creating captivating and functional shopping environments. Our innovative solutions cater to diverse retail needs, helping our clients deliver exceptional and customer-friendly spaces that drive success for businesses.


VIATechnik’s digital transformation partnership with Chick-Fil-A has empowered the organization with a technology platform to optimize business outcomes and revenue generation opportunities through a data-centric approach to design, construction, and operations across 2,000+ locations. The strategic execution of multi-site reality capture, software development, and BIM implementation has served as a foundation for Chick-Fil-A’s scale and success.


BIM Management

BIM Coordination

compass Large

Compass Coffee

This small business was growing fast, so our team created high-quality building information models to bring ideas to execution quickly. Our construction documents enabled the client to continue expanding as they streamlined the design, construction, and operation process.



BIM for Facilities Management

Revit Modeling

Amazon Retail Scan to BIM Strategy

We assisted a major eCommerce brand in launching a nationwide program implemented in 40 locations. By providing detailed objectives, scanning criteria, and example deliverables, we established standard operating procedures for evaluating potential vendors.


BIM Strategy

Scan to BIM

BIM Standards

Amazon Retail Scan to BIM Strategy

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