Driving Transportation Excellence

VIATechnik is a leading expert in the transportation industry, specializing supporting our clients in the design and construction of transportation infrastructure. We play a vital role in enhancing connectivity and efficiency within this sector. Our commitment to innovation and sustainable solutions ensures the successful development of transportation projects that benefit communities and economies.

Virgin Hyperloop

We developed a high-fidelity VR experience to prepare for the construction phases of this high-speed travel concept. Our 3D game artists created a 500-meter test track and travel pods on 50 acres of desert land, resulting in an immersive hyperloop transport experience.

Virtual & Augmented Reality


CTA Red Purple Line Modernization

In collaboration with joint venture partners Walsh and Fluor, VIATechnik created 4D BIMs to facilitate construction sequencing and enhancing stakeholder coordination. The 4D BIMs also enhanced project visibility for CTA commuters and the impacted community.



Hudson Yards

This is the largest private development in US history, and VIATechnik stepped in to create a single, shared existing conditions model and data set to organize multiple stakeholders, allowing for clearance checks, clash validation, and collaboration.


Scan to BIM

hudson-new Large
Flagler Memorial Bascule Bridge

Flagler Memorial Bascule Bridge

Utilizing our team of meticulous material artists, we simulated a proposed bascule bridge in a highly realistic virtual reality environment that allowed our team to output 360 images and video, paving the way for our client to win the bridge contract.

Virtual & Augmented Reality


Union Station

Tasked with creating an immersive virtual reality scene of Chicago’s Union Station, we took a 360-degree digital scan of the station to replicate its interior and bring it to life with sound bites of trains, alerts, and crowd chattering for true immersion.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

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