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Digitizing AEC's Next Frontier - A Precogs Launch

VIATECHNIK Precogs Launch

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The AEC industry
has a knowledge retention problem.

The construction industry is notorious for its knowledge retention problem. Every year, billions of dollars are wasted due to problems with knowledge transfer between employees and across projects.

As a result, many construction companies are stuck in a cycle of repeating the same mistakes, year after year.

Precogs is here to solve that.

Precogs serves as an intelligent knowledge repository, scaling learning across the organization, and preventing problems before they occur.

Precogs is heavily influenced by NASA and their mission control procedures. The idea for the Precogs came from comparing rocket launches to construction projects, where failure is not an option.

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Manage Issues with Ease.

Originate issues in Precogs, or other connected tools. Then track, manage, assign, and visualize issues until they are resolved.

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Nominate Issues to Your Corporate Knowledge Bank.

Break down project silos. Give an issue resolution new life by nominating it to the corporate knowledge bank. Add risk and root cause information to maximize value.

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Grow and Evolve Your Knowledge Base.

Easily configure, organize, and scale your knowledge base through duplicate detection, lesson rating, grouping, tagging, searching, and filtering.

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Avoid Future Mistakes With Digital Checklists and Predictive Intelligence.

Make your knowledge work for you with digital checklists that put knowledge in your team members’ hands when they need it most. Leverage Precogs’ predictive intelligence to automatically recommend checklists and lessons to your project.

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Improve Your Customer's Experience.

Leverage Precogs reporting, visualizations, and collaborator access to provide a bespoke, world class customer experience that confirms and highlights your issue management and knowledge retention mission.

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Ready for launch!

Drive to zero issues quickly, break down knowledge barriers, and execute with confidence.

Precogs Key Features

Learning organizations see real results from effective knowledge retention processes.

A Connected Home Base
Inclusive Issue Management
Understand Root Causes
Easily Grow a Smart Knowledge Base
Predictive Smart Recommendations
Customizable Digital Checklists
The clock is ticking. Capturing and institutionalizing knowledge gained through the decades is a one-time opportunity—really an imperative—for our firms, our profession, and our industry.

– Ray Kogan, AIA, Kogan & Company Management Consultants.

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Our mission is to drive better alignment and collaboration between architects, engineers, general contractors, and business owners - the parties involved in complex construction projects.

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