BIM Consulting: Advisory and Training

VIATechnik offers BIM Consulting services that train owners of real estate portfolios, general contractors, and design firms on making BIM (Building Information Modeling) work for their companies. Through our experience implementing BIM technology on thousands of projects across the United States our team provides a consultative training & strategy approach based on real-world experience. We understand the true BIM Lifecycle and its value. We offer a holistic perspective and ensure an easy transition to BIM for your organization. In addition to BIM consulting, we also provide our clients with leading Revit training and strategy allowing them to empower their internal teams to grow and develop a best-in-class capability. 

Leveraging industry best practices, our firm develops tailored solutions, for our client's business and desired outcomes that give them a distinct market advantage. Comprised of management consulting, architecture, engineering, construction management, software engineering, and private equity our BIM Consulting team is multifaceted in expertise. Highlights of our work are included below and showcase our project diversity and ability to deliver for our clients. BIM services include BIM Implementation, BIM Audit, BIM Automation, and Revit Family Creation, and Revit Training.

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BIM Consulting Services

  • Advisory Services
  • Training
  • Organizational Evaluation
  • Operational Effectiveness

What is BIM?

BIM, or building information modeling is a system in which analog information about a facility is transformed into a holistic digital model that includes both geometry and data. BIM is the foundation of any building design, construction, or operations optimization. By utilizing our BIM Consulting services, one can simulate, analyze and optimize any building related challenge.

In the building design side, the potential ranges from optimal space planning to energy model simulations. Construction optimization tends to lean towards reducing field related issues or workflow efficiency that includes offsite construction. BIM in facilities management is often viewed as the biggest opportunity because of trends such as IoT integration and offering real estate as a service.

BIM Consulting Services


Who We Work With

VIATechnik has worked with firms that either lead or seek to lead in their respective industries. This includes owners, general contractors, architects, and engineers interested in utilizing our BIM Consulting services on a specific project. Our Projects have been featured in ENR, have won awards, and most importantly, helped our clients manage quality, cost, and schedule.

How Our Team Can Help

Whether you’re an architect or engineer, VIATechnik has the experience and capability to support your BIM training and consulting needs. Please contact us using the form below or give us a call so our leading experts can deliver the right solution for your needs.


Tank Relocation Simulation [Case Study] Tank Relocation Simulation [Case Study]

Relocating an industrial-size helium tank at a science laboratory presented clearance issues at a particular tunnel passage. VIATechnik created a simulation of the transit sequence using laser scanning and high-precision …

What is 4D construction? What is 4D construction?

With 3D BIM leading the entire construction industry in establishing better project workflows, engineers are pursuing new dimensions to streamline the process and improve project outcomes. In a 4D model, …

Recapping 2020’s Trends and Challenges in the Midst of a Global Pandemic Recapping 2020’s Trends and Challenges in the Midst of a Global Pandemic

As we reflect on 2020, COVID has undoubtedly taken center stage.  The year was not all lost on the built environment, and to miss, some of the key events risk …

The Future of Coordination The Future of Coordination

For years 3D coordination was the province of Autodesk Navisworks for AEC professionals. It still is in some cases but new workflows and collaboration platforms to make communication easier are …

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