BIM Clash Detection


Our leading BIM consulting and engineering organization provides BIM clash detection consulting services to  Trade Contractors, General Contractors, and Real Estate Developers, among other services.

Set up by a group of Stanford engineering graduates, VIATechnik consists of highly educated, skilled, and professional coordination team that puts at your disposal their vast experience in the field of healthcare, transportation, commercial government facilities, and infrastructure.

Our customers’ requirements and specifications are always a priority for our experienced team. We strive to deliver your projects on time, at high quality standards, and within the available budget. We not only provide functional expertise, but we also focus on delivering results to our clients. Our proven methodology and the perfect mix of technology and human capital allow us to impeccably complete our Bentley and Revit 3D models cost-effectively and on time.

How BIM Clash Detection Works

BIM clash detection involves double-checking final BIM models against design drawings and multiple models to look for any errors, mistakes, or oversights that may cause issues when physically constructing the actual building. Our highly-skilled consultants will review all relevant models and data to check for potential clashes and constructability issues.

The VIATechnik BIM Clash Detection Process

The process of BIM clash detection from VIATechnik is simple. Share the project’s design drawings, BIM models, and other information, and our team of skilled engineers and clash detection consultants will identify potential clashes, issues, and constructability problems before your project begins.

The benefits of hiring us for BIM clash detection are simple:

  • Streamline the model validation process against design drawings
  • Our experts can detect constructability issues and unexpected clashes
  • Save time and money by identifying clashes early

Types Of Clashes

There are three major types of clashes. A hard clash happens when two elements occupy the same space – such as a steel beam and large pipe being located in the same place.

A soft clash happens when an element doesn’t have the necessary geometric or spatial tolerances, or its clearance zone is breached.

A workflow clash is not common, but occurs when the various trades cannot build because of overlapping or constrained workspaces (often due to integrating models from different professionals).

The Importance & Outcomes Of Clash Detection Services

Clash detection services are important for catching and preventing costly construction issues that could lead to expensive rework – and for ensuring better overall outcomes for your project while streamlining collaboration between engineers, architects, trades people, and other professionals throughout the design process.


Ready to get started? Just contact VIATechnik online, give us a call at (312) 462-1060, or email us at [email protected] to learn more about our BIM clash detection services and get a quote.

BIM Clash Detection
BIM Clash Detection Delivery Model
BIM Clash Detection Works
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