Getting to the Next Level in Project Planning: The VIATechnik VDC Maturity Curve

Getting to The Next Level in Project Planning VIATechnik's VDC Maturity Curve

Level up project planning with Virtual Design  and Construction (VDC)

What's inside our latest whitepaper?

VDC maturity assessment

Understand what differentiates best-in-class VDC organizations from the pack

The value of  VDC

Learn the value of VDC, and how to unlock this value for your organization

The VDC Champion's Checklist

Organizations who have mobilized a VDC champion realize more value from their VDC efforts. VIATechnik's VDC Champion Checklist provides a playbook for success, from aligning VDC to corporate strategy, to telling the story of success through metrics.

VIATechniks Virtual Design & Construction Framework, as adopted from Stanford Center for Integrated Facilities Engineering (CIFE)_VIATechniks VDC Maturity Curve
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