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GenMEP: Autorouting Through Point Clouds Made Possible

September 23, 2016 | 3 min read

At VIATechnik, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve processes and deliverables for our customers. We search for the latest cutting edge technology that will benefit our customers and address the needs of our engineers. This is why we have partnered with BuildingSP using their GenMEP, an add-on to the Autodesk Revit platform, on our projects.  

The GenMEP add-on provides efficient clash-free autorouting. It allows for streamlining of modeling process, reducing clashes, and making clash detection and resolution much more efficient for our customers. GenMEP makes it possible for autorouting through point clouds. We are currently using GenMEP in an electrical BIM coordination on a large hospital renovation project in Chicago.  

In this project, we started with a point cloud laser scan of the existing conditions including existing structure and MEP services. We were able to autoroute electrical cable tray and conduit automatically around the point cloud by using GenMEP. We chose starting and ending locations, and GenMEP created an efficient and clash-free route around the existing conditions point cloud.

“GenMEP autorouting around point clouds offers huge opportunities on our complex renovation projects. We are always looking for innovative technologies and processes to ensure our team is as efficient as possible. The artificial intelligence algorithms driving GenMEP’s automated clash-free routing are very exciting for the industry at large.”

Danielle Dy Buncio, VIATechnik CEO/President 

See our VIATechnik team in action using GenMEP to autoroute electrical conduit and cable tray around a hospital point cloud, here.

As an innovator in advanced technology, BuildingSP seeks a trusted partner in VIATechnik that will run the strenuous tests GenMEP requires from a customer standpoint. Brett Young, founder of BuildingSP, remarked, “We choose our partners carefully. Like BuildingSP, VIATechnik is solving the hardest problems for the industry by applying the most advanced technologies in the market and developing its own innovations. Our two companies’ philosophies are very much aligned. We’re excited to see how BuildingSP and VIATechnik can transform the BIM Coordination process.”

Do you have questions regarding the GenMEP tool for Revit from BuildingSP and how it may help you streamline your modeling process and reduce clashes? Click here.

Besides autorouting through point clouds, GenMEP offers engineers the following key features: Fixed Angle Routing, Revit links, Room Control, Batch Routing and Route Clearance.

It you have any immediate questions relating to BIM modeling service or how GenMEP tool has helped our modeling process, click here to contact us.

We would love to learn more about your needs and discuss how we can partner with you to level up your projects. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can contact us at or use the contact form.