Millwork Shop Drawings

Learn more about how we work with millwork contractors to support their BIM initiatives. We work with leaders in the millwork and casework market, supporting their BIM coordination, and developing custom solutions for their BIM management and prefabrication initiatives.


The professionals at VIATechnik have years of experience in creating accurate millwork shop drawings. Through the design drawings from the architect and our clients’ fabrication preferences, we create the shop drawings and fab tickets for your most important millwork projects.

We are experienced in all stages of project development. We can work with engineers, developers, and consultants during each project phase to help meet your goals. We are passionate about the precision and engineering involved in all aspects of millwork shop drawing development – from 2D shop drawing details to 3D modeling; we provide all the fundamentals to create a successful project from start to finish.

Our Millwork Shop Drawing Services

Clients can expect the following outputs as part of our millwork shop drawing work:

  • Millwork and casework model creation that meets LOD requirements
  • Parametric modeling products
    We create parametric families for millwork products utilizing Revit and other 3D CAD software.
  • Furniture modeling
    Our clients use Revit family to customize furniture on their projects. The model consists of architectural millwork elements such as countertops, tables, cabinetry, and many more.
  • Point cloud as-built modeling
    We create an as-built model based on the scanned point cloud. A point cloud refers to a set of data points in a 3D coordinate system that represents the external surface of an object or building, including its geometry and color. We use 3D scanners to measure point cloud data as a set of vector points and convert them to accurate parametric Revit models. Once imported into Revit, we can trace around the point data with our Revit families quickly by building up a 3D model with the point cloud as a reference. The 3D scanned data captures every single detail, which eliminates the need for repeated site visits.
  • Family creation
    Revit BIM family creation needs expertise as every component of the family can be modeled. Our main focus as Revit BIM family creation service provider is on basic family creation, such as furniture and equipment for residential, commercial, school, college, hospital, shopping mall, store, plant, and industry. We have team members with expertise in Revit family creation projects.
Millwork Shop Drawings
Millwork Shop Drawings
Detailed Millwork Shop Drawing Services
Detailed millwork

Benefits of Our Millwork Shop Drawing Services

An accurate and timely millwork shop drawing will enable your team to make important decisions in the first phases of project development and efficiently move on to production. The millwork shop drawings are critical to the construction and installation process, and we understand the details needed to make the project successful.

When we work with clients on creating their millwork shop drawings, we work to ensure that:

  • The project is in the hands of professional millwork detailers
  • One can expect detailed drawing development within your project’s timeline
  • We utilize experienced resources to achieve project outcomes

Our Software Expertise

We use the latest and best-in-class software tools to create precise millwork shop drawings:

  • Revit
  • AutoCAD


The best way to start a project with us is through the form below. It will help us have the most appropriate person contact you. We will respond within 24 hours. You can also call us at (312) 462-1060 or email us at [email protected].


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