VIATechnik’s team of virtual design and construction technologists have worked on over 2000 projects globally. Whether it is a commercial real estate project or a large airport, clients trust VIATechnik to deliver results. Our projects have been featured in ENR, have won awards, and most importantly, helped our clients manage quality, cost, and schedule. Through our collaborative work style, we work with our clients to deliver results that reduce cost over runs, schedule delays, and safety risks. Some highlights of our work are included below and showcase our project diversity and ability to deliver for our clients.

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Massachusetts Port Authority

VIATechnik was selected as the Massachusetts Port Authority’s BIM Consultant. Together we are working with Massport to strengthen their current BIM based processes and establish a quality control standard for their digital workflows.

Texas Health Oncology Center

Our firm is regularly asked to take over all in BIM coordination processes to speed up the coordination time frames. By taking over the BIM management, and sub-trade coordination, but still working with getting input from various trades, our firm is able to deliver a much more efficient and quick BIM coordination process.

Four Seasons

Our team created the virtual reality for the Four Seasons Chicago flagship property renovation. In this project we simulated the modern renovation showcasing the rich details associated with this exciting refresh of the common areas covering the lobby, grand hall, bar and dining area, social lounge, ballroom and more. This renovation reflects the sophisticated traveler juxtaposed in a modern urban mecca.

Hard Rock Hotel

VIATechnik worked on estimating the complex facade of the landmark Hard Rock Hotel. The 400 foot hotel in Hollywood, Florida is part of a $2.2 billion project. The team analyzed the various facade components and created a detailed breakdown for our client to assess their costs.

Union Station

Our team recreated the Chicago Union Station interior in Unreal Engine from a 360 digital scan from the point cloud team. We replicated the materials to match the existing interiors conditions, including visible wear and tears. In order to create an immersive VR scene, sound bits of trains, alerts, and crowd chattering are also added to enhance the experience.

Milwaukee Brewers Stadium

On this project, VIATechnik did mechanical ductwork and piping base modeling of LOD 350 where they would participate in BIM meetings for clash coordination producing coordination and spool drawings at the project completion. This coordination project took 5 weeks to complete. 

K – 12 Facility

Virtual Reality has the powerful capability to simulate materials and 1-to-1 scale. In this project we worked with the design team to simulate a modern kindergarten school that demonstrated innovative partitions, storage spaces, and layouts allowing various stakeholders to optimize the design before getting into construction.

Dystopian Scene

Our team had complete creative freedom in creating this dystopian scene for the Unreal Engine Competition. We started off using Autodesk Maya for modeling and texturing all building assets, to be imported into Unreal Engine. Landscape elements were done inside of Unreal Engine combined with Speedt siree and Substance plugin. Lighting for the scene is set up with Unreal’s HDRI. End goal was to create a photo-realistic exterior scene blurring the line between CG and reality. Every asset is scrutinized down to the smallest of details to mimic organic wears and tears.

Nuclear Power Plant

Integrating various software platforms such as Unity, Revit, and Recap, VIATechnik helped a nuclear power plant operator minimize risks in a large maintenance operation. VIATechnik’s work was featured by ENR magazine as a unique use of gaming technology in the industry.

Denver University

A leading general contractor brought VIATechnik on to support a major pursuit for a large Denver based university. The VIATechnik team supported the endeavor by working alongside the GC and understanding their project needs and areas of importance of the RFP. Once we understood their requirements, we proceeded to storyboard and utilize a combination of motion graphics, animations, and visual effects to maximize the visual impact. Like most of the pursuits we support, VIATechnik had to work on a condensed time frame and deliver a high quality deliverable.

Flagler Memorial Bascule Bridge

Our firm is a leader in high end visualizations. Utilizing the latest virtual reality gaming engines, we simulated a proposed bascule bridge in Florida. VIATechnik focused on creating a highly realistic virtual reality environment that simulated the operation of a bascule bridge project in Florida. Our team of material artists meticulously created concrete curing patterns for the different surfaces, while the sculpting artists worked on railings, barriers, and the bridge house. The project was done in a game simulator that allowed our team to output 360 images, video, and a VR environment. The result was a win for our clients ...

Integrated Resort Development

In addition to site logistics, we provide clients with detailed construction simulations to validate construction schedules. This 4D construction project for a tenant improvement allowed the owner and general contractor to shave 20% off their already optimized schedule.

Augmented Reality Punchlist

When the Hololens came out, VIATechnik was asked to create an application that provided a successful use case of the hololens in the AEC industry. Our VIATechnik punchlist demonstrates the ability of linking data to real world elements. The punchlist app utilizes the Hololens and Cortana to create an interactive augmented reality application for construction. Through our research and development lab, VIATechnik created on of the earliest construction applications on the hololens. Understanding that mixing digital information in the real world would benefit construction teams, we set out to create an augmented reality punchlist. Our punchlist tool allows users to ...

Computer Vision Research

VIATechnik firmly believes in the opportunity artificial intelligence represents in the AEC industry. We continue to research into computer vision to allow for automated inspections, such as in this example, detecting cracks on roadway surfaces.

Forge App & Revit Plug-in Development

As more tools migrate to cloud based collaboration tools, we noticed some limitations into the current data flows. We work with clients to understand their workflows and data needs to augment them using Forge or other APIs. In this example, we created a BIM360 audit tool that identified parties responsible for model changes. Forge App Development: We are creating custom Forge Apps for our clients that allow them to visualize data and interact with their models and projects in a whole new way. Our forge work includes model checkers, VR Apps, data viz, data extraction tools, etc. Revit Plug-in Development: ...

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